Hunting in WWII

Echoes in the Darkness

Wednesday, February 8th, 1933

Connor searches the darkness but finds nothing. Alexsei and him both take out their flashlights and begin to look around. “Show yourself! Who are you?” Alexsei calls out. “Show yourself! Who are you?” his voice echoes back. Once they decide the coast is clear, they open one of the office windows from there on the second floor, knowing that Hansel was waiting to sneak in. After a couple of attempts, he manages to throw his rope through. Connor ties it to a desk leg and returns to mopping the halls and keeping an eye out for guards. Hansel climbs up easily nad removes his rope when suddenly the window from which he climbed slams shut. He jumps into a shadow until he’s sure that has not attracted any attention and then casually searches the room. The only thing of value that he finds is a silver letter opener which he stashes on himself. He manages to catch up with the others who are now back in the questionable and dark hallway. They decide to begin checking the doors to see if any of them are locked. While they are doing so, Hansel notices that a doorknob handle that they had already discovered was locked shakes by itself. Hansel picks it and goes inside. Immediately footsteps are heard approaching from the darkest part of the hallway. Hansel closes the door to the room he enter and quitely waits. The sound gets close, right outside the door, but absolutely nothing is seen by Alexsei or Connor. Suddenly the footsteps end, as abruptly as they had begun and a new set of footsteps is heard coming from the main hallway. It is a security guard.

“Hey! What are you doing here? This part’s off limits!” he hollers at Connor and Alexsei. They explain that they didn’t know and that they were just cleaning. Just as he is about to leave, a light comes on in one of the rooms…the room that Hansel had been quietly waiting in. “Who’s in there!” He rushes over and kicks open the door. Hansel throws a dagger at him but misses and it sticks into the wall. They fight for only a few seconds when suddenly a knife blade protrudes through the guards chest. As he falls over dead, Hansel stands there in shock as he realizes that his blade is no longer stuck into the wall, but it is actually the very knife that dealt the deadly blow, though there is no one around to deal it.

As he is pondering these thoughts, the others notice something peculiar. When Alexsei hollered down the hall there was a definitive echo, but when the guard yelled, there was no noticable echo. So they decide to talk to the shadows, in case someone or something is back there.

“Who are you?” Who are you? “What is your name?” What is your name? Who are you? “Did you kill him?” Did you kill him? Did you kill who? “Have you met him?” Have you met him? Have you met who? “What happened in this place?” What happened in this place? You happened in this place. “Why are you here?” Why are you here? Why are you in this place? “Did we kill who?” Did we kill who? Did we kill you? “Where you killed in this place?” Where you killed in this place? Will we kill you in this place? “Will you please answer yes or no?” No “How long have you been here?” We have been here long. “Can something in one of those rooms help you?” Nothing can help you. “Is the thing that killed you here as well?” Nothing can kill we. “Are you going to kill us?” Nothing can kill us. Nothing can help you. “Did Ernst try to help you?” Did you try to help Ernst? “Do you know where Ernst is? We can’t find him.” You can’t find Ernst? Ernst can’t find you. “Are you Ernst?” No. Ernst is him.

What's with Reichstag?
Ernst, Reichstag

Wednesday, February 8th, 1933

When morning arrives, the party goes to visit the Reichstag building and to be taken on a short tour of the facility. Most of the party leaves their weapons behind. Hansel decides to hide his pistol on him, and Wolfgang also hides hhis weapons on himself. Unfortunately during the search, Wolfgang’s weapons are discovered. While questioning him, one of the guards from last nights encounter walks by and recognize him. He is labelled as a trouble maker and a potential threat to the state. His weapons are taken from him and he is told that they will be returned in a week if he manages to stay out of trouble. He is also told that he must stay away from the Reichstag building during this period. So, as Wolfgang is removed from the building, Connor, Alexsei, and Hansel begin their long and boring tour. As the old man leads them down the corridors they keep an eye and ear open for anything concerning Ernst or the tree of life. Though they do not find much, they do discover that the building itself was built upon an even older foundation that had some tie to the Holy Roman Empire. Before they leave, Connor spots a strange hallway with flickering lights. When he asks about it, their tour guide says that its an unimportant hallway that hasn’t been used in sometime. At the end of their tour, Alexsei asks about the work it takes to clean the building and offers to volunteer his time. Connor joins in and the two of them are told to come in at 7 that evening.

That afternoon Connor does some research and discovers that the Reichstag building was indeed built over the remains of an old sacred church, though there are few records of its existence. After Alexsei and Connor purchase some false ID’s from their friendly dealer, they return to the Reichstag to begin their volunteer work. After being searched, security finds the hand axe that Alexsei had tried to hide. They confiscate it temporarily. Connor brought no weapons. The two of them are then given cleaning equipment and showed the offices they are to be cleaning. After cleaning for a little while the two of them decide to wander over to the hallway that had caught their attention earlier that day. The lights at the end of the hall have gone out completely and give the room a very eerie feeling. All is silent except for the sound of their own footsteps, breathing, and the swashing of the mop against the floor. Every sound is echoed back to them. Suddenly, for just a moment Connor sees a movement in the shadows.

The Importance of Finding Ernst

Tuesday, February 7th, 1933

The morning arrives without much of a hitch. At one part during the night, Hansel goes out in search of nice clean clothes. He is fortunate enough to find a clothing store that has only recently gone out of business and sucessfully steals a decent set of clothing. When morning does arrive, the party gathers to discuss their first course of action. They recall mention of a Karl Ernst during their recruitment. He was apparently their predecessor and he had gone missing while on a big case. They were informed to keep an eye out for him and his research. Connor decides to go out and research Karl Ernst and discovers that he is registered as an SA officer and he is engaged to local girl from a bakery. He decides to visit her and see when she’s last heard from Ernst.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang is strolling through town looking for loot to steal when he spots an elderly Jew with an expensive pocketwatch. He attempts to pickpocket him, but is noticed. He attempts to bluff his way out of it, but fails miserable. The old man gets very worked up and is about to get law enforcement involved when Hansel shows up and manages to calm him down some. The man does warn Wolfgang that if he ever harasses him again, there will be trouble. Before they leave, Hansel asks him if he happens to know any Ernst’s. The old man directs him to a local bar well known for catering to homosexuals.

When Connor arrives at the bakery he meets both Karl’s fiance and her father. He asks them if they have seen Ernst, but makes the mistake of mentioning that he’s been missing. This sends the girl into a frantic panic. Connor is only able to deduse that he is going on leave in a few weeks and that they haven’t heard from him.

After regrouping, they decide to split up and hit the bars that evening. Hansel visits the gay bar, Connor decides to visit a pub frequented by SA soldiers, and Wolfgang offers to keep surveillance on the fiance’s house in case Ernst shows up or the family knows more than they are admitting. After talking to some people, Hansel discovers that some one had seen him near the Reichstag building only two weeks earlier. Connor discovers that Ernst hadn’t been in his bar since right before his disappearance but was overheard in a drunken stupor bragging about discovering the Tree of Life. Wolfgang was less successful, as he attempted to climb a neighbor’s house only to alert the neighbor and then find that it was the same Jewish man he had attempted to pickpocket earlier that same day. Guards were alerted and he was nearly arrested. The only thing that saved him was that his accuser was Jewish and generally disliked.

After regrouping, the party decides to call it a night and investigate the Reichstag building in the morning.

Like a Thief in the Night

Monday, February 6th, 1933

Our story starts essentially the same for each of our adventurers. They are attacted in the middle of the night. They are gagged, bound hand and foot, and have a sack placed over their head. No questions are asked. No statements are made. When the bags are removed they find themselves in a small room with three others in a similar condition. At the other end of the room, four official looking men sit. On the far left, is a high ranking, angry looking SA officer. Beside him sits a more respectful looking SS officer. Next to him, we find a man dressed not in military uniform, but rather in a formal black suit. Lastly, on the far right, we find a man who stands out from the others. He does not appear to be German, though his ethnicity is hard to make out. He is severly scarred and disfigured and speaks with a strong and unusual lisp, often placing V’s and Z’s were they do not belong.

The party is told they will be forming Troop 420, and that they will be investing, capturing, and destroying the paranormal. They are also told that their cooperation is mandatory. There was some discussion as to whether or not they should have to swear alligiance to Hitler, as their connection to the Chancellor was meant to remain unknown. Ultimately they are asked to sign a document stating that anything they found in their encounters was the sole property of the Nazi government, but no alligiences were sworn. At this point, they were blinded again, removed from the building and found themselves in the streets of Berlin, with the scarred man, who would act as their middle man and personal merchant. After purchasing the things they need with their 100 Vcred stipend, they clean themselves up and get some well needed sleep.


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