Hunting in WWII

What's with Reichstag?

Ernst, Reichstag

Wednesday, February 8th, 1933

When morning arrives, the party goes to visit the Reichstag building and to be taken on a short tour of the facility. Most of the party leaves their weapons behind. Hansel decides to hide his pistol on him, and Wolfgang also hides hhis weapons on himself. Unfortunately during the search, Wolfgang’s weapons are discovered. While questioning him, one of the guards from last nights encounter walks by and recognize him. He is labelled as a trouble maker and a potential threat to the state. His weapons are taken from him and he is told that they will be returned in a week if he manages to stay out of trouble. He is also told that he must stay away from the Reichstag building during this period. So, as Wolfgang is removed from the building, Connor, Alexsei, and Hansel begin their long and boring tour. As the old man leads them down the corridors they keep an eye and ear open for anything concerning Ernst or the tree of life. Though they do not find much, they do discover that the building itself was built upon an even older foundation that had some tie to the Holy Roman Empire. Before they leave, Connor spots a strange hallway with flickering lights. When he asks about it, their tour guide says that its an unimportant hallway that hasn’t been used in sometime. At the end of their tour, Alexsei asks about the work it takes to clean the building and offers to volunteer his time. Connor joins in and the two of them are told to come in at 7 that evening.

That afternoon Connor does some research and discovers that the Reichstag building was indeed built over the remains of an old sacred church, though there are few records of its existence. After Alexsei and Connor purchase some false ID’s from their friendly dealer, they return to the Reichstag to begin their volunteer work. After being searched, security finds the hand axe that Alexsei had tried to hide. They confiscate it temporarily. Connor brought no weapons. The two of them are then given cleaning equipment and showed the offices they are to be cleaning. After cleaning for a little while the two of them decide to wander over to the hallway that had caught their attention earlier that day. The lights at the end of the hall have gone out completely and give the room a very eerie feeling. All is silent except for the sound of their own footsteps, breathing, and the swashing of the mop against the floor. Every sound is echoed back to them. Suddenly, for just a moment Connor sees a movement in the shadows.



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