Hunting in WWII

The Importance of Finding Ernst

Tuesday, February 7th, 1933

The morning arrives without much of a hitch. At one part during the night, Hansel goes out in search of nice clean clothes. He is fortunate enough to find a clothing store that has only recently gone out of business and sucessfully steals a decent set of clothing. When morning does arrive, the party gathers to discuss their first course of action. They recall mention of a Karl Ernst during their recruitment. He was apparently their predecessor and he had gone missing while on a big case. They were informed to keep an eye out for him and his research. Connor decides to go out and research Karl Ernst and discovers that he is registered as an SA officer and he is engaged to local girl from a bakery. He decides to visit her and see when she’s last heard from Ernst.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang is strolling through town looking for loot to steal when he spots an elderly Jew with an expensive pocketwatch. He attempts to pickpocket him, but is noticed. He attempts to bluff his way out of it, but fails miserable. The old man gets very worked up and is about to get law enforcement involved when Hansel shows up and manages to calm him down some. The man does warn Wolfgang that if he ever harasses him again, there will be trouble. Before they leave, Hansel asks him if he happens to know any Ernst’s. The old man directs him to a local bar well known for catering to homosexuals.

When Connor arrives at the bakery he meets both Karl’s fiance and her father. He asks them if they have seen Ernst, but makes the mistake of mentioning that he’s been missing. This sends the girl into a frantic panic. Connor is only able to deduse that he is going on leave in a few weeks and that they haven’t heard from him.

After regrouping, they decide to split up and hit the bars that evening. Hansel visits the gay bar, Connor decides to visit a pub frequented by SA soldiers, and Wolfgang offers to keep surveillance on the fiance’s house in case Ernst shows up or the family knows more than they are admitting. After talking to some people, Hansel discovers that some one had seen him near the Reichstag building only two weeks earlier. Connor discovers that Ernst hadn’t been in his bar since right before his disappearance but was overheard in a drunken stupor bragging about discovering the Tree of Life. Wolfgang was less successful, as he attempted to climb a neighbor’s house only to alert the neighbor and then find that it was the same Jewish man he had attempted to pickpocket earlier that same day. Guards were alerted and he was nearly arrested. The only thing that saved him was that his accuser was Jewish and generally disliked.

After regrouping, the party decides to call it a night and investigate the Reichstag building in the morning.



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