Hunting in WWII

Like a Thief in the Night

Monday, February 6th, 1933

Our story starts essentially the same for each of our adventurers. They are attacted in the middle of the night. They are gagged, bound hand and foot, and have a sack placed over their head. No questions are asked. No statements are made. When the bags are removed they find themselves in a small room with three others in a similar condition. At the other end of the room, four official looking men sit. On the far left, is a high ranking, angry looking SA officer. Beside him sits a more respectful looking SS officer. Next to him, we find a man dressed not in military uniform, but rather in a formal black suit. Lastly, on the far right, we find a man who stands out from the others. He does not appear to be German, though his ethnicity is hard to make out. He is severly scarred and disfigured and speaks with a strong and unusual lisp, often placing V’s and Z’s were they do not belong.

The party is told they will be forming Troop 420, and that they will be investing, capturing, and destroying the paranormal. They are also told that their cooperation is mandatory. There was some discussion as to whether or not they should have to swear alligiance to Hitler, as their connection to the Chancellor was meant to remain unknown. Ultimately they are asked to sign a document stating that anything they found in their encounters was the sole property of the Nazi government, but no alligiences were sworn. At this point, they were blinded again, removed from the building and found themselves in the streets of Berlin, with the scarred man, who would act as their middle man and personal merchant. After purchasing the things they need with their 100 Vcred stipend, they clean themselves up and get some well needed sleep.



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