Hunting in WWII

Echoes in the Darkness

Wednesday, February 8th, 1933

Connor searches the darkness but finds nothing. Alexsei and him both take out their flashlights and begin to look around. “Show yourself! Who are you?” Alexsei calls out. “Show yourself! Who are you?” his voice echoes back. Once they decide the coast is clear, they open one of the office windows from there on the second floor, knowing that Hansel was waiting to sneak in. After a couple of attempts, he manages to throw his rope through. Connor ties it to a desk leg and returns to mopping the halls and keeping an eye out for guards. Hansel climbs up easily nad removes his rope when suddenly the window from which he climbed slams shut. He jumps into a shadow until he’s sure that has not attracted any attention and then casually searches the room. The only thing of value that he finds is a silver letter opener which he stashes on himself. He manages to catch up with the others who are now back in the questionable and dark hallway. They decide to begin checking the doors to see if any of them are locked. While they are doing so, Hansel notices that a doorknob handle that they had already discovered was locked shakes by itself. Hansel picks it and goes inside. Immediately footsteps are heard approaching from the darkest part of the hallway. Hansel closes the door to the room he enter and quitely waits. The sound gets close, right outside the door, but absolutely nothing is seen by Alexsei or Connor. Suddenly the footsteps end, as abruptly as they had begun and a new set of footsteps is heard coming from the main hallway. It is a security guard.

“Hey! What are you doing here? This part’s off limits!” he hollers at Connor and Alexsei. They explain that they didn’t know and that they were just cleaning. Just as he is about to leave, a light comes on in one of the rooms…the room that Hansel had been quietly waiting in. “Who’s in there!” He rushes over and kicks open the door. Hansel throws a dagger at him but misses and it sticks into the wall. They fight for only a few seconds when suddenly a knife blade protrudes through the guards chest. As he falls over dead, Hansel stands there in shock as he realizes that his blade is no longer stuck into the wall, but it is actually the very knife that dealt the deadly blow, though there is no one around to deal it.

As he is pondering these thoughts, the others notice something peculiar. When Alexsei hollered down the hall there was a definitive echo, but when the guard yelled, there was no noticable echo. So they decide to talk to the shadows, in case someone or something is back there.

“Who are you?” Who are you? “What is your name?” What is your name? Who are you? “Did you kill him?” Did you kill him? Did you kill who? “Have you met him?” Have you met him? Have you met who? “What happened in this place?” What happened in this place? You happened in this place. “Why are you here?” Why are you here? Why are you in this place? “Did we kill who?” Did we kill who? Did we kill you? “Where you killed in this place?” Where you killed in this place? Will we kill you in this place? “Will you please answer yes or no?” No “How long have you been here?” We have been here long. “Can something in one of those rooms help you?” Nothing can help you. “Is the thing that killed you here as well?” Nothing can kill we. “Are you going to kill us?” Nothing can kill us. Nothing can help you. “Did Ernst try to help you?” Did you try to help Ernst? “Do you know where Ernst is? We can’t find him.” You can’t find Ernst? Ernst can’t find you. “Are you Ernst?” No. Ernst is him.



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